About Us

Your Digital Motoring Community

Everyone loves cars, well, almost! We love them too, in fact, we love them too much. We are crazy about them. We get hurt when we see them mistreated, lives shortened, damaged by unqualified mechanics, fitted with fake and poor quality parts, thrown onto the junkyard!

We love to see them on the road, driving smoothly, smiling and waving at us (yes, cars have feelings).

Maybe you love them as much as we do, maybe even more, but just don’t know how to express your love towards your car, or cars. Well, your despair is over.

Autoheads is the place to be. We are a local community of car lovers and enthusiasts, geographically and digitally connected. We share our experiences about cars, mechanics, garages, auto parts traders, auto parts brands, roads, places to rest, places to see, and places to eat. In fact, we share everything that involves cars. We hope, when we share and spread, we can all reduce costs of owning cars. We will know what to buy, where to buy, how to take care of our cars, how to save money on ownership, and how we can all get better service.

We will never be lost, or be in a strange place, because we are always geographically or digitally a local community.