Castrol Introduces New Automotive Oil Packaging

Castrol, represented in Zimbabwe by High Performance Lubes, has introduced new packaging for its small pack products, ranging from 500ml to 5L. The change is effective from October 2021.

An official for High Performance Lubes indicated that some of the packs are already in the market.

“The new packaging has a smaller carbon footprint, as it uses 20% less plastic, whilst being 100% stronger than the previous”, he said.

The official also added that the advantage of the new packaging over the old is that it will occupy less space in terms of logistics, allowing for larger volumes to be transported, warehoused, and packed on the shelves.

He emphasised that the contents remain the same high quality that customers are familiar with.

Some of the products with the new packaging include GTX, MAGNATEC, TRANSMAX, VECTON, Radicool, CRB, and 2T.